Before & After School Program

The focus of this program is to help children learn responsibility and develop the ability to exercise good judgment. We help students develop their time management skills and practice prioritization of tasks.

We provide time allocated for our students to do their homework. We also offer a variety of activities to support children ages 6 – 10 develop additional skills through social interaction and group games.

The program is balanced with opportunities for children to eat a healthy snack, finish homework, and play outside daily.

Parents like the convenience of our private bus transportation to and from our neighborhood schools. Afternoon van service is also provided from Newport Heights to our school. There is no additional charge for transportation to or from these public schools.

Quick Facts

  • Ages 6 to 10
  • Helps kids develop time management skills, prioritization, and good sportsmanship.
  • Homework club

Before / After School Photos

Before & After School Program Tuition

Days per week
  3 4 5
Before School  – (Excludes all public school vacation/conference days) $250 $290 $310
After School  – (Excludes all public school vacation/conference days) $385 $440 $480
Before & After School $510 $585 $635
Before & After School  – (Includes all scheduled public school vacation/conference days through the end of the public school year)     $670
Please contact our school director with any questions you might have.


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